Seminars & Workshops

I am available to give lectures and seminars on research, pedagogy, and poetry.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Redefining Research: Inquiry-based instruction to master information literacy skills
  • Beyond One Hit Wonders: Teacher Librarians as Collaborators and Co-Teachers
  • The Poetics of Primary Sources
  • Copyright & Creativity: Understanding Copyright in the K-12 classroom
  • Confessional Poetry and the Silencing of Feminist Poetics
  • Poetry and Form: Formal Poetry, Writing in Form, Uses of Form in Poetry, Relationships between Form and Free Verse
  • The Use of Line and Line Breaks in Poetry
  • Multiple I’s:  Using First Person in Poetry and Reading Poetry in First Person
  • Revision Strategies for Poets
  • Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Poetry
  • The Poetics of Academic Writing: Using Elements of Poetry as a Means to Teaching Expository Writing
  • Teaching Academic Writing:  Thinking Maps, Using Notecards, Creating and Using Blogs for Lesson Delivery and Student Publication

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